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About Us

Who are we? ( App) is an official LiveMe coin reseller owned, managed and maintained by MrNovember (ID:255203) on LiveMe. If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to send a direct message on LiveMe.

In the future, we plan on adding an array of new features and opportunities including the ability to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) as well as many other ways to earn cash back. You will automatically be added to the email notification system/newsletter updates and we highly recommend not opting-out so you can stay up to date with us.

We believe in a highly-collaborative environment and community so if you have any suggestions, please do not hestitate to contact MrNovember via direct message on LiveMe.

Let's have some fun on here.


Information/Payment Storing.

Your privacy is extremely important to us, which is why we do not store any information aside from your email, country of origin, username, LiveMe ID, and LiveMe UID. We do not read, capture or store any credit card information on our servers. All payments are processed through 3rd party vendors (Paypal/Stripe) which adhere to the highest level of security and compliance.

For record purposes, we do store recharge information (such as payment and number of coins recharged) in the case of an error and/or dispute.

All LiveMe coin rewards and transactions are stored for history/leger purposes.

Passwords are stored in a fully encrypted state in our database. This means that even in the case of a breach, the criminal will not know what your password is, nor will the be able to decrypt it. This also means that we will never be able to read or decrypt your password either.

Technical Information.

Release Info.

Version: v0.3.3
System: Beta
Status: Operational (Reduced)
Issues: Credit/Debit System Vendor Offline.

Send Server: Online


Coin Exchange/Gifting.

In the immediate future, we are planning to allow the ability to send or "gift" coins to other users on Recharg.

Recharger Levels.

As part of the loyalty to our app, we will be introducing recharger levels. The more you recharge, the higher the level and (TBA) will come with plenty of benefits.

Release Notes.

0.3.3 (Beta)

Advanced Transfer Checking

  • Coin arrival ETA notifications.
  • Advanced transfer status/failure check added.

0.3.2 (Beta)

Price/Fee Change.

  • Reduced fees for USD in Paypal.

0.3.1 (Beta)


  • General cleanup/maintenance.

0.3.0 (Beta)

Currency Support.

  • Currency Options Now Available for US/CAD.
  • Payment breakdown & Comparison Chart.
  • Send Server Maintenance (performance update).

0.2.3 (Beta)

User Interface Fixes.

  • Global user interface fixes/updates.

0.2.2 (Beta)

Branding Update.

  • Recharg sounded strange, rebranded to Recharg:es (
  • Logo update.
  • Favicon Added.

0.2.1 (Beta)

Credit/Debit System Under Evaluation.

  • Merchant vendor account under review.
  • New merchant vendor being tested to serve our customers better.
  • Paypal credit card payments available.

0.2.0 (Beta)

Bank Balance Update.

  • Real-time bank balance updates, no incorrect numbers.

0.2.0 (Beta)

Bank Balance Update.

  • Real-time bank balance updates, no incorrect numbers.

0.1.4 (Beta)

Password Recovery.

  • Support for NULL value.

0.1.3 (Beta)

Emergency Maintenance.

  • DB maintenance work completed.

0.1.2 (Beta)

Password Recovery.

  • Password Recovery added.
  • Database Upgraded to support future features.

0.1.1 (Beta)

Maintenance Update.

  • Upgrading server infrastructure, requires maintaince mode window.

0.1.0 (Beta)

Maintenance Update.

  • Updated app fix to integrate new Liveme app updates.

0.0.8 (Beta)

Custom orders available.

  • Created a custom orders option.
  • Fixed system issue on higher payments.

0.0.7 (Beta)

Higher amounts available.

  • Added higher recharge amounts.
  • Fixed credit card decline error notification.

0.0.6 (Beta)

Routine maintenence.

  • UID verification fix.

0.0.5 (Beta)

Routine maintenence.

  • Undisclosed backend update/maintenence.

0.0.4 (Beta)

Routine maintenence.

  • Update to clean up some console commands.

0.0.3 (Beta)

Faster transfer times - account verification.

  • Bankend transfer to liveme account speed-up.
  • Account verification required on new accounts.

0.0.2 (Beta)

Troubleshooting and notification fixes.

  • Bank total amount update on-demand/refresh fix.
  • Low bank total warning.

0.0.1 (Beta)

Recharg is here! Launched successfully as a beta platform in January 2020.

  • Payment Gateways for Paypal/Stripe Integrated.
  • Wallet/Account Balance operational.
  • All Signups and Logins pushed.


What is LiveCoin?

LiveCoin (LC) is an independent cryptocurrency (exclusive of Recharg) which can be used to purchase real Liveme coins as well as other merchandise in the future.

When you recharge, you are automatically rewarded LiveCoin into your wallet. The more you recharge, the more LiveCoin you earn.

Cashing out/Converting.

To Liveme Coins.

You are able to convert your Livecoin into LiveMe Coins through our app. Currently the minimum convert is 25,000 LC which is equal to 5000 Liveme Coins at this current time. Once you have reached the minimum, you will be able to convert at anytime through your Recharg account.

Anytime Convert.

We have introduced anytime convert. This allows you to convert your LiveCoin at a reduced rate. This rate is around 50% depreciation of the current value.

Other ways to earn.


You can earn LiveCoin by referring other LiveMe users to sign up and recharge through our system. Everytime they recharge using your affiliate code, you will be rewarded LiveCoin into your account.

Liveme Diamonds.

An easy way to earn LiveCoin is by sending gifts to our official Liveme account (ID:170495636) either by direct message and/or when the account is live beaming. Each Liveme diamond is equal to one LiveCoin.

Not only is this a great way to level up your account, you are also earning coin.


We will be constantly adding new ways to earn LiveCoin in the future and are always open to public feeback (positive and/or negative).

Watching ads to earn.

Although we will never force any of our users to watch or interact with advertisments, we are considering allowing the option in the future for users to earn LiveCoin by watching short 15-30 second advertisements.


Once LiveCoin gets deployed on a public blockchain, we will open mining to the public which will allow anyone to mine blocks and get rewarded in LiveCoin.


After the beta phase, we will be introducing contests for the highest referrer(s) and recharger(s) for the month. The likely LiveCoin payouts would be in the 6-figures to start and increase from there.

Creating your account now

Account creation and setup.

Creating keys and encrypting your account.

Digital Wallet creation and setup.



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